The DaVinci Method for ADD/ADHD

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Are you a DaVinci personality type? (ADD/ADHD)

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You like thrill, excitement and risk
You are a highly creative problem solver
You are impulsive in nature
You are ambitious and industrious
You have tons of energy for things you are interested in
You love to be the hero in an emergency

In The DaVinci Method you will learn:

* How to set your mind free and discover your true calling.

* The Habits of Rebel Billionaires – Learn the habits the rebel billionaires use to make their DaVinci temperament work for them – not against them. (These habits are not well known because they don't work for average people – only those with the DaVinci temperament have the energetic capacity necessary for these habits to work.)

* Why the DaVinci temperament can make you afraid to succeed and how to eliminate that fear.

* The difference between your DaVinci type brainwave predisposition and other people's. Once you know how to use this information you'll be able to tap a level of genius very few people have access to.

* How substances affect your mind differently than other people. What foods and substances will help people with DaVinci type personalities and what foods and substances will stifle your brilliance. Hint: Stimulants like caffeine can make you ineffective – we'll tell you how and why.

* The 2 ways to handle your impulses – one way will make you crazy – the other way will make you brilliant.

* Why you procrastinate – how to understand it and how to make it work for you.

* From Repressed to Prolific Genius: How to release your DaVinci mind to think the way Leonardo Da Vinci's did – prolifically, without boundaries – in brilliance.

* Your unique DaVinci power of hyper-focus – a superhuman ability you were born with, how to harness this amazing strength to crush any challenge.

* Why the DaVinci temperament often leads to compulsive behavior & addiction – how to avoid this and how to heal it.

* The mysterious “sixth sense” that comes with the DaVinci temperament and how to tap into it.

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