Is anyone Bipolar

topic posted Tue, February 20, 2007 - 3:34 PM by  Cynthia
I've recently stumbled across the fact that a lot of ENFP's as well as INFP's
also have been diagnosed as bipolar!
Just curious, if anyone cares to share, for how many of you that this is true,
since it seems like our personalities tend to be very polar as well?!?
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    Wed, February 21, 2007 - 3:19 PM
    Sorry to hear that, Bipolar disorders really suck.
    How did you get diagnosed as bipolar?

    I have OCD, and mild depression. I am not bipolar.

    I have known many creative people to be bipolar, in their manic an INFP or ENFP tend to be creative, lofty and sometimes gandiose in their thinking. My friend who is a writer INFP is bipolar.

    Im dating a psychiatrist, which is pretty cool, but anyway, he says that a lot of his ADHD patients turn out to be bipolar, if they dont respond well to stimulants.

    But its all very complicated,,, what are you symptoms?
    Do you believe the DX is right, and that you are bipolar...?
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    Mon, March 26, 2007 - 5:25 AM
    Hi there

    Yes, i was diagnosed as bipolar when iwas 18. i carreid the lable arund for some years and was given ssri's to treat depression.

    I think i would now say it is more like anxiety - if i get very stressed and dont take care of mysself, teh anxiety takes over and can produce a very distorted state of mind, this is particualrly the case if i am in denial about something or if i dont get closure on a close perosnal relationship.

    I find that i am subject day to dya to energy fluctuations and times when i feel very scattered. But mostly, i am a very happy and quite stable person. i think it is more a matter of learning to recognise my patterns, acknowledge my limitations and avoid burning myaself out. I have recently set up a company and always have to much to do, plus a bit of procrastinating, plus ideas popping up everywhere, plus social life, family... my back has just given out, which happnes about once a year as a sure sign that i am overstretching myself.

    I think diagnoses are less useful than self understanding. Meditation, myers briggs and self awareness have helped me tremendously.
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    Sun, April 1, 2007 - 9:21 AM
    Hi, I am an ENFP . . . and have never been diagnosed as bipolar, OCD, ADD or anything. I have had periods in my life though where I have been very depressed - - And, other periods when I have felt like I'm insane & I can't think straight (and can't stop obsessing over a certain thing or person) - - And, other periods where I feel very "normal" and at peace with myself & life . . . but then find myself getting bored. I often wonder if I do have something more going on with my brain, than just my personality . . . and that maybe I should get some type of meds . . . but I don't trust doctors because I feel they are so quick to prescribe meds (and make a buck).

    How I "treat" myself & my brain issues??? :
    I basically live as stress-free an existence as possible. I am 32 years old but my lifestyle is pretty comparable to a much younger (less responsible) persons because stress literally makes me insane. I stay in entry level jobs (as a matter of fact I am currently up for a promotion & I told my boss, NO . . . because I'll drive myself nuts. I don't own a house because taking care of something like that will drive me nuts. I live like a 21 year old college kid. I don't make plans with people in advance or even plan vacations because I will dread the upcoming event so much because I will dread the preparation and will have anxiety about everything in relation to the plans. I tell all my friends etc. to only give me 24 - 48 hours notice on plans because otherwise, I'll probably want to cancel. I also read a lot of self help books and give myself a crap load of "down time" to reflect / introspect.

    Just writing this makes me feel like I need meds . . . I dunno . . . but I love all you ENFPs & I'm glad we have this "forum" to be us!!!! Thank you for listening!
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      Tue, December 25, 2007 - 10:52 PM
      hey raezen- if there's one thing I've learned- if you think something's wrong- just try anything that could help. I suggest you go to a psychiatrist and try some medication. Talk therapy is great too.

      So here's my story: I'm 18, college freshman, and I've been on bipolar medication, lamictal, for roughly a year now. it has changed my life. I had always wondered if something was wrong with me throughout high school, but I never really had the guts to do anything about it because when I confided in my parents, they told me that everyone feels sad at times. So I just stopped trying. I often felt discouraged by everything, and I blamed it all on myself- living was a daily struggle. Sometimes I'd be ok, but other times I'd crash. Sometimes, I can tell I'm getting bad because I can feel this intensified circulation and this heavy ache all over. Then, I had a secret little half assed suicide attempt, and decided that normal people don't pull shit like this, and I need help.

      so I got help- and I'm much better. I keep learning about myself- I found out about myers/brigs stuff about two months ago- cool huh? So for anybody out there- if there's any question in your mind about mental health- it won't hurt to try to make things better. You'll probably thank yourself for it in the end. And I don't want any of this crap about how you should just be able to suck it up and deal with it- it's chemical problems in your brain- there is nothing you can do to fix it on your own.

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      Wed, September 1, 2010 - 10:57 AM
      Hi Raezen,

      I can relate to the things that you feel. I also become very bored once I feel "normalcy" and rigid routines stress me out. My father is Bi-polar and I beleive its hereditary. I never considered that I too could have it but I think Im going to look into it now. I've been told that hobbies help. Anything to keep your mind from wandering- the more exciting the better. I might start an exercise class or pick up some new books. I also heard meditation is good for centering. Might try that too! Good luck!
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    Wed, May 23, 2007 - 11:08 AM
    I was actually reading thru some interent stuff about ways to manage bipolar and I discovered that those tricks that they use I used to use and they actually worked. I will probably have to re-incorporate them into my life again to get stuff done. It helps me stay focus and grounded so I don't get all lost in possibilities.

    I don't think that makes me bipolar, but it is interesting that that is what it takes to get me to focus and follow-thru.

    I do think I'm alittle ADD though (never diagnoised), but I just think that makes me fun. ;)
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    Re: Is anyone Bipolar

    Tue, June 12, 2007 - 11:59 AM
    *waves* Hi! I've been diagnosed with every disorder known to mankind! Does that count?
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      Sat, January 12, 2008 - 10:31 AM
      Same here... all I can say is; so what. These idiots think they have everything figured out and they are killing or socially castrating people in the process.
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    Sun, December 30, 2007 - 12:22 AM
    Was diagnosed a year ago w/ BPD-Not Otherwise Specified, meaning I don't fit the criteria for BPD I or II exactly (sounds like an ENFP, huh?) Never really had a manic episode....maybe hypomania (or is that just NF enthusiasm, hard to tell?!) What's the line between personality and pathology...well, clinically, it's disruption of life/relationships. Depression is most dominant for me....usually when I'm bored or dissatisfied w/ the direction of my career, relationships, personal integrity (Again....ENFP, or something else??)
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      Sat, January 12, 2008 - 10:40 AM
      Dr. Vanight (j/k) recommends you figure out how to make major changes to become not bored, sattified w/direction of your career, work on your relationship if your married, if not married, no harm no foul in my opinion. Personal integrity; not sure what you mean by that. Do you feel like you did something that conflicts with your integrity or that you have none? Thats a whole nother session. For me, I am in I.T. so lays off are quite common, eventually I know I will get canned and be on to something different. Been at new job for 2 months now and they just started mass layoffs. I know because I am the one disabling all their various accounts. You sound a lot like me. All I can say is, I went on medication which did fix the problem for a time. It also took away my desire to do anything I used to love. I was content and good worker bee for a time though.

      I imagine if I love Firefly as much as I do, there must be others here. Anyone else here ever catch the parallels of the whole utopian society and the "PAX" with where we are headed today in society and designer brain drugs? I wonder if Joss is an ENFP.
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    Sat, January 12, 2008 - 10:29 AM
    I don't mean to rock the boat here but I would like to share my experience and not so humble opinion regarding doctors, SSRI's, ADD, obsessive/compulsive behavior in the context of an ENFP. I am probably older than some of you and younger than some (36). I have been on SSRI's since about 1995. There was a period in there or 2 where I was off for a few months or year. I am off all medications now since September 07. I am going to start by telling you what happened to me when I went on these medications, and I have been on pretty much all of them. Doctors seem to like to hand out whatever new designer brain altering drug their rep brings by. Do they make extra money doing this? Sorry, ENFP moment. Be warned, my writing can be very ENFP’s like; in that I can bounce around quite a bit. I try to go back and correct it usually but I might miss something. In fact, I just added this and the previous line after the fact.

    Here is what I experienced.
    1. The first day I took it (Zoloft) I seemed to wake up the very next morning automatically at 6AM. It was as if an internal alarm clock went off.
    2. I felt kind of a Morning sickness/nausea but then that is common with these drugs.
    3. My night vision seem to be altered; it was almost a slight acid affect for those of you who know what that’s like. More like the 10 hour after you dose sort of "glassy" look.
    4. A sense of over all contentment with just doing normal everyday stuff like making long drives to work in traffic, sitting at a dead end job. etc...

    Sounds great right? Except for the nausea part. It is in my opinion that these drugs are part of an over all social engineering conspiracy to bring the "non-conformist" "why?" types in our society into compliance to the rest of the population as they are a threat to the power brokers who do not want to share their piece of the pie with potential competitors. Keep them content, docile, and non-creative. Basically the opposite of an ENFP. Ok, so that would make for a great sci-fi novel though right? Children who stare off into space and dream, cant stay on task, are labeled ADD rather than ENFP, and are given prescription drugs to "fix them". Well, in my opinion a good majority of them are not broken. It’s our education system that is broken. How convenient to give kids drugs so that they can mold into a broken system.

    A short story: 20/20
    People wonder why kids are angry and lash out. They (neo-yuppies, possibly ex-hippies or neo-hippies) blame guns, they blame video games, they blame cartoons, their less than perfect neighbors, meat eaters, smokers, anyone driving an old pickup or muscle car during academically elite conversations while driving down the road in their Volvo’s going exactly 55 MPH or less, flaunting their “my other car is a bike” sticker when they know damn well it’s a Harley in their garage. They “both” get home from each of their 60K+ a year jobs after picking up their 3 month old from daycare and talk about refinancing their house so they can pay off all the credit cards they used to buy plasma screens and posh vacations to Mexico and that Harley. All this time, not putting any “real” time into their kids or their marriage. By real, I mean everyday not on “scheduled” time. They put everything into their jobs, their stuff and in to convincing themselves that if they put their kids on vegan diets, control video games, TV, buy their kids hooked on phonics and free to be you and me books, everything will be peachy. Additionally no real effort is being put into their marriage and low and behold one or the other parent finally confesses that he or she has been having an affair with someone at work. Or maybe they just do the old “I just don’t love you anymore”. Well, duh, that typically will end in divorce. I say that tongue in cheek, because long lasting love is a verb my friend. We ENFPs tend to lose sight of that in light of feeling and our natural romantic tendencies; I am trying to learn to use that attribute to my advantage not my peril. So then what, if the kids aren’t already pissed off because they have been living with parents posing to be married (and yes they can tell the difference) and trying to appear like everything is just “fine’, they will be once the “D” word is dropped. If there happened to be an ENFP in the mix as a child; living w/ the level of intuition that comes with being an ENFP, he or she has probably been living with a knot in their gut they just cant seem to place, or maybe they do know and it surfaces as anger or distant behavior at home and in school. At some point the teacher calls and wants to meet with the parents who agree to meet at separate times. The APA approved counselor will walk in with her APA approved material and sit down with a nice reassuring countenance. The Mom or Dad will mention they are going through a divorce and the counselor will most likely shy away from mentioning reconciliation through counseling as she might cross a political correctness boundary. If the counselor is an ENFP, which is common, maybe they will say to hell with political correctness. If not they will probably say a quick stint like, “Sorry to hear about that, it must be really tough on you”. Notice I say, “You” not “Little Mathew” or “Little Sarah”. Then they will quickly get back on subject about how your son or daughter most likely has ADD. They probably need to be on medication or see a professional clinical psychologist who will of course, regurgitate the same BS. The child grows up feeling different, odd, addicted to prescription drugs and never reaches the potential because of the numbing down affect of the drugs. At some point, he or she will have a talk with his or her Dad or Mom and they will say something like, “If I could go back, I would have stayed with your Mother/Father”. And the little boy or girl who is now a man or women says, hindsight is always 20/20 Dad/Mom.
    The end. (sorry if that sucked, I made it up as I typed)

    Back to the post:
    So, here is what I would view as more of the negative affects/aspects of SSRI’s in general and being used over a long period of time:
    1. They don’t really know how they work or the long term affects of usage.
    2. Loss of enjoyment of thing I used to love to do including: all hobbies, sex, taste of good food, being quick witted in conservation, being creative, feeling (yes, I realize this is a double edge sword for the ENFP).

    If you are willing to trade your Endpins for being “normal” on Sari’s consider this: I thought I did too. After 13 years of being on Sari’s, all of a sudden I realized how much I was missing; and when you are on them that long they done really work anyway in the positive sense, so your not gaining anything and losing a lot. That’s how it was for me. Please just talks to other creative renaissance types that have been on these drugs and get other opinions as well before putting your kids or yourself on these.

    Learn about yourself and ENFPs; learn what your passions are and do them. Remember, we suck at details and follow through ONLY when it’s something we are not totally in love with or obsessed with. Obsessions and persistence can be good as long as it doesn’t break any laws of course. He. Times of depression can be good too, but you have to try and use them, not lose yourself in them. If you’re an artist, writer or musician, this is an excellent time for creating new material. So what if it’s dark; it will probably be good, and it will probably affect people who see, read, or hear it. That’s what counts.


    PS: They thought my wife who is ESFP was bi-polar. She seems to be more depressive than me though, unless she is having fun in the moment of course. Maybe my above idea about a fictional book on social engineering conspiracies standpoint might be a better idea than I thought. Fire your doctor/physcologist we are ENFP's, we have each other and we are the counselors and motivators of the world. Take up a hobby if your religious, go back to Church. We are ENFP's man; just pick something that sounds fun even if you havent done it and do it. Most likely you will be good at it, because your an ENFP. If you get bored do something else. If you really want to finish something, find a good freind or relative to hold you accountable or be a partner. Cythia, I think you summed up my entire above novel in 7 words.
    "our personalities tend to be very polar"; get over it world.
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    Mon, January 14, 2008 - 12:37 AM
    Well... my mother's very chemically imbalanced in a slew of ways, bipolar among them. Not sure what her type is.
    I'm an ENFP, and while I got dragged to many shrinks in my youth (mommy afraid she'd passed on the sickness) I managed to convince the lot of them that I wasn't a headcase.

    On the other hand, I've had periods of creative mania that might be classified as polar on the crazy end of things. And I've had sever depressions, too. Thing is, most of these emotional swings were brought on by genuine events and situations in my real life, not totally chemically-based inner world see-sawing.

    I personally have made an effort to notice my own patterns without medication and try not to make any rash decisions from a purely emotional basis, rather, looking at things rationally and asking people I trust to verify my logic when I notice my emotions raging one way or the other.

    It'zs not that I don't think pills can help... it's more that I don't think the profession really understands what the pills do or what they're trying to treat well enough to make the call for someone as weird as me. And I don't always trust the motivations of the doctors, having watched some of the experiments they've done with my mom, switching her meds around to see what would happen, or because they were getting paid to push a new designer drug, over the last 30 years or so.
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    Mon, December 22, 2008 - 12:35 AM
    the short answer is "yes". (I am at the very least cyclothymic - which is the mild form of Bipolar, and sometimes heralds the full form later in life.)

    But I've never attempted to be diagnosed. I'm an artist; if I take meds to kill the mood swings I will have NOTHING TO MAKE ART ABOUT.

    (haha) :)

    I've been reading this book called "Touched with Fire". It's a really fascinating look at famous artists and writers in history, and their connection to Bipolar disorder.
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      Wed, September 1, 2010 - 10:27 AM
      I think I might be be bipolar... More manic in my younger years but now more depressed than anything. This site is awesome and the graphs here have been the best description of my moods and how bi-polar sometimes works than anything else I've found.
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        Thu, June 30, 2011 - 3:41 PM
        A little update - I went to the psychiatrist a few months ago and was diagnosed as bipolar. In fact, I left the office after my appointment and then came back because I forgot something. I caught him talking to another doctor saying that I was so by-the-book bipolar that he thought someone had sent me to see him as a practical joke! (LOL)

        So now I'm on Lamictal (generic name is Lamotrigine) and feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I started on 25mgs and felt a change within a week. The doctor gradually brought me up to 100mgs, but since I did so well on the lower dose he might just bring me back down to 50mgs. My doctor chose this medication because it has little, if any side effects. I had a little headache when I first started and every once and a while I have a case of the stupids -- that's all.

        I was really afraid about getting that "dead inside" feeling that so many people talk about, but my all it's done is get rid of the low lows that used to last for days/weeks/months. I still get down ever now again, but this time it's because something actually happened that was sad. I also don't obsess about things as much... No thoughts of "I'm a loser" over and over again. For the first time in years I made it through the Spring without having a breakdown and quitting something. It feels fantastic!!

        My manic episodes are mild - I might shop a little bit more than usual, but I know myself well enough to hold onto receipts and return things when I'm feeling healthier. Mostly I just get creative, effusive, friendly, energetic and productive. I kept most of my symptoms hidden from people, so no one new about it unless they were REALLY close to me.

        For those of you that are worried - it's not all about the meds (in fact that's just a little part of it all). I still need to go to therapy because I have bad coping strategies.

        If you think you MIGHT be bipolar or depressed, I really encourage you to seek help. You don't know how good you can feel until you get there!
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    Sun, August 28, 2011 - 1:26 AM
    Sure I would be considered by most onlookers to be bipolar. Here is what I think it is though....we as enfp's are constantly fighting an internal struggle with in ourselves to find our place in this world. We are looking for careers and lives with meaning , ones that will add meaning not only to our lives ,but to that of others. When we don't find what we are seeking ...what excites us ,or we get caught up in a stagnant routine, many of us fall in to depression. Were not manic, or bipolar....that's just a label the medical professionals like to diagnose us all with so they can medicate us and meet there monthly quota for the pharmaceutical companies.
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      Thu, October 6, 2011 - 7:32 PM
      I was diagnosed with HEED Hyper Extreme Extremist Disorder, all I can say is that it's out of hand, totally out of hand! -- ouch my finger hurts!!! (I like to bite my self!)
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    Wed, January 30, 2013 - 9:51 AM
    hi there, Cynthia. i just noticed you posted this back in 2007, so you're probly no longer checking much, huh? well just in case, i figured i would respond to your question about bipolar. i was diagnosed back in june of 07 as bipolar. ha. i have wondered myself, many times, if being bipolar isn't just part of being ENFP. but yeah, i also have an ADHD diagnosis as well as depression and anxiety which were both diagnosed as a youngster. all of this i think the whole world shares characteristics of, it's just diagnosed when it disrupts normal life activities.

    oh and yeah, i don't like the meds. i have been prescribed many meds for all my diagnoses, but i choose not to take them, after trying off and on for many years. i am surviving, possibly not always thriving, but working on it. i think i can do it without the meds, that's all. so yeah, wherever you are in your life now, i wish you well, Cynthia!

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